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Selling Your Services

BidSync Provides Bidding Opportunities

Sweeping contractors, like any type of company, need to consistently find new sources of revenue so their businesses won't stagnate and decline. Finding new leads and new customers – especially in the current economy – can be a challenge. For those who may perform services for any level of government, from city/state/federal to colleges and universities, a service like BidSync can provide bidding opportunities not seen elsewhere. Read the info.

Getting Referrals: Are You Leveraging Your 'Unpaid Sales Force?'

How often do you miss the opportunity to ask for a referral? Do you have a specific strategy and action plan to manage your referral process? Are you leveraging the support of your unpaid sales force - your clients who already know, like, trust and respect you? Read the info.

Tips for Obtaining References from Customers

References are an important part of getting new business. However, there are some techniques that work better than others, as well as some pitfalls to avoid. Read the info.

Smart Business 2009

In today's economy, the central constant is change. Reports from across the country confirm that bidding has become more challenging, with general declines taking place in both average price per sweep and service level per customer.

Many contractors are responding by expanding their service areas and/or scope of work. At the same time, they are finding themselves competing with more other contractors than ever before, as well as with other types of service companies. Read the info.

Cost-effective Marketing Basics for Long-Term Success

Don Turner, presenter at NPE 2009 of a seminar by the same title, has a conversation with Ranger Kidwell-Ross, editor of, about how to keep marketing cost-effective in today's downturn economy. Listen to Don and Ranger.

Don't Be Chicken Little

Guy Gruenberg, presenter at NPE 2009 of a seminar by the title 'Revving Up Your Sales Engine,' is one of America's top marketing 'gurus.' Read the story.

The Sweeping of Phoenix International Raceways

Sam Danielson is Operations Manager for C and S Sweeping Services, Inc., the people responsible for sweeping Phoenix International Raceways. How this is accomplished, though, provides good insight for how trade-outs can be great for your sweeper contracting business. Read the story.

Selling in a Recession: 5 Strategies for Selling in Tough Markets

Each year there are thousands of injuries and triple digit numbers of fatal accidents involving machine and equipment operations. Here's a 'top ten' list of items designed to minimize their occurrance. Read the story.

Recession Marketing: The Rules Change

In a recession, consumers become value oriented, distributors are concerned about cash, and employees worry about their jobs. But a downturn is no time to stop spending on marketing. The key, says professor John Quelch, is to understand how the needs of your customers and partners change, and adapt your strategies to the new reality. Read the story.

Marketing for the 21st Century

Veteran contractor and former NAPSA president, Gabriel Vitale, provides a checklist for keeping your marketing up with the times. Adapted from information Vitale provided at NPE 2007. Available in both written and .mp3 formats. Read or listen to the story.

Bids-A-Lot Program Enhances Contractor Professionalism, Profitability

Today's web-based Bids-A-Lot bidding program offers more benefits than ever before, as well as more ways to help sweeping contractors increase their profitability. Read the story.

How to Beat Your Biggest Competitor With Your Marketing

Marketing consultant, Charlie Cook, tells how to combat prospect indifference in order to gain their attention -- and their business as a new client. Read the story.

Seven Great Sales Strategies

These seven ideas, provided by nationally-recognized business performance consultant, Gregory P. Smith, will all help you take your business to the next level. Read the story.

Pitching Your Sweeping Service In Person

Here's what to do when you meet someone face-to-face to secure a sweeping contract. Read the story.

Get Your Power Sweeping Company Looking Good on Paper

An experienced contractor tells how to put forth a professional image on paper. Read the story.

Your Phone is the Lifeline of your Business.

Sweeping contractor, Lee Ann Taylor, tells how to use your phone to best advantage in getting clients. Read the story.

What You Need to Know About Yellow Pages Advertising

Yellow pages guru, Barry Maher, tells it like it is when it comes to yellow pages advertising. Read the story.

13 Tips to Designing Better Yellow Pages Ads

'Big' Mike McDaniel offers his tips to consider when designing your yellow pages advertising. Read the story.

Gotcha! Attitude is Everything in Sales

Guy offers a host of down-to-earth steps to amplify the gains that can be made via the use of positive enthusiasm alone. Read the story.

Internet Bidding is Latest Power Sweeping Industry Wrinkle

Online reverse auction bidding process for sweeping services seems to cause a 'feeding frenzy' that plummets bid prices. Read the story.

Approaching Property Managers With Success

Panel of property management pros will help you understand the way your clients think so that you'll have a much better chance to secure the account. Read the story.

Working Successfully With Property Managers

Property manager with the Mathews Company in the Nashville, TN, offers her insight into the vital area of how you can work more successfully with property managers. Read the story.

National Sweeping Service Vendors: Boon or Bane?

Article discusses management companies that represent national retailers in their purchase of sweeping services. Read the story.

National Sweeping Services: The Target Stores Experience

Article discusses contractor and Target Stores' perspectives and costs re: failed national vendor NLS. Read the story.

Marketing for the "Long Run"

Don Turner, owner of Parking Renovations, has 3-decades of marketing experience and he shares what he knows. Read the story.

Selling Your Services to Big Business

Step-by-step directions for landing the lucrative accounts. Read the story.

Why Should Malls Use a Contractor Instead of Sweeping In-house?

For a variety of reasons, contractors can typically do the job better, using the correct sweeper for a particular job, than can a mall that operates its own sweeper. Read the story.
Information also available as an Adobe pdf handout that is suitable for providing to a mall manager that operates an in-house sweeper using mall employees.

Selling Your Power Sweeping Services to Big Business

Step-by-step directions for landing the lucrative accounts. Read the story.

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