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An Explanation of WalMart's New Financial Disclosure Requirements

We received a call from a NE contractor who lost their company's Walmart accounts as a result of a 'recertification requirement process' they declined to go through. Specifically, Walmart is now requiring financials for sweeping companies that want to continue doing sweeping on Walmart accounts. We were able to learn the following about this requirement. Learn more.

1-800-SWEEPER: Nationwide Contract Sweeping Service Organization Launched to Compete with 'Outside Service Resellers'

1-800-SWEEPER, a new service network of independently owned power sweeping companies across the United States has been launched. The organization's mission is to bring sweeping companies from coast-to-coast under a unified marketing and service structure. Article includes audio interview with founder, Mike Lucht. Learn about it.

Wal-Mart Requiring Contractors to Use Service Channel as of August 2011

On August 4, 2011, we received an email from a sweeping contractor located in the southern part of the U.S. about WalMart's new requirement to use Service Channel. The company is an online service verification company. Use the link below to learn more. Learn about it.

Contractor Provides Insight Into Getting Paid by US Maintenance (and Other Aggregator Companies)

Numerous contractors have reported difficulties in getting paid by service aggregator companies. This was especially the case with US Maintenance when its contract with WalMart was terminated.

The article linked below includes an audio interview on this topic with an experienced U.S. sweeping contractor. In it, he discusses the tactics that have been successful for him in getting paid by US Maintenance for services previously provided for WalMart stores in his area. Learn about it.

Combination of USM and EMCOR's Services Business Creates New Nationwide Provider of Facilities Maintenance Services

In May of 2011, we reported that the EMCOR Group, Inc. (NYSE: EME) had entered into a definitive agreement to acquire USM Services Holdings, Inc. Learn about it.

When Bidding on Aggregator Work, Read Contract and Carefully Consider Bid Pricing

The WorldSweeper office has fielded a number of contractor inquiries concerning USM's latest round of contract solicitations to sweeping contractors, this time representing the drugstore chain, Rite Aid.

Several contractors have provided Excel spreadsheet files that USM sent to them. These detail the pricing structure USM suggests it will pay for sweeping at Rite Aid stores. These prices, as shown in the screenshot shown below, range as low as $17 per sweep for a twice per month sweeping regime.

The article discusses the level of service vs. pricing expectation, putting it into perspective by using portions of the contract sweeping contractors are expected to sign. Read about it.

WalMart Dissolves Relationship With USM Throughout the United States

In April of 2011 WorldSweeper was the first contractor media source to report that US Maintenance, a Transfield Services Group company, had been terminated as the parking lot sweeping, landscaping and power washing service provider for Walmart.

The information linked below includes the initial press release information, as well as numerous comments received from contractors around the U.S. Read about it.

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