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Parking Area Sweeping: Introduction to Street and Municipal Sweeping

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Street and Municipal Sweeping
An Introduction for Parking Area Sweeping Contractors

Generally speaking, outside contract sweeping can be broken into two basic components, parking area sweeping and municipal-oriented road sweeping. Both segments of the market have subsets than can involve construction sweeping. One of the questions we receive frequently is "As a parking area contractor, what do I need to be aware of if I expand into municipal sweeping?"

To help you decide whether or not to get into that portion of the sweeping business, read the following stories about what it takes. Keep in mind that you will need sweeping machinery of a different type and/or size. A required size and type of sweeper may even be specified by the agency you contract with, and most require a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) for operation. You'll probably have to also hire new employees and will have larger associated expenses.

The bid preparation process for road sweeping is usually a more complex and expensive process, since there are many more factors involved in the bid. The amount of your insurance liability coverage will probably need to be raised, too. Still, for a variety of reasons, many contractors have determined that the best route to business expansion is to make the move to ownership of larger sweepers and involvement with road, construction and milling sweeping.

Click on the stories shown below to learn what you need to consider before expanding into municipal sweeping.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Municipal Sweeping

After a couple of decades in the industry, here are some things John Davidson says you should -- and shouldn't -- do on the road to success. Read the story.

John Dubbioso Understands Municipal Sweeping

John Dubbioso, founder of 3-D Industrial Maintenance Corporation, has been in the sweeping industry for 30 years. Here's his advice for bidding on street sweeping in the Northeast part of the U.S. Read the story.

When it Comes to Municipal Sweeping, Knowledge is Key

Bryan Szeremi, of Szeremi Sweeping Service, LLC, runs six broom sweepers and five air sweepers from his location near Sacramento, CA. After two decades in the business, here's his advice. Read the story.

Street Sweeping Isn't for Beginners

Doug Swatkowski is the son of an industry pioneer, Ray Swatkowski, who founded Florida-based Central Sweeping in 1967. Here is Doug's advice after virtually growing up in the sweeping business. Read the story.

A Municipal Sweeping Perspective

After 32 years of sweeping, here are the thoughts of Hank Rodio on the topic of the street side of sweeping. Read the story.

Street Sweeping Requires Big Changes

Mark Farrell's Illinois-based Farrell Sweeping has been sweeping for over 25 years. Now the company has moved almost completely away from cleaning parking areas as it has moved into other areas of the business. Read the story.

Moving Up To Municipal Sweeping

Our editor offers an array of information to consider if you're thinking about starting to do municipal sweeping. Read the story.

Projecting the Real Costs of Doing Business

Make sure you have solid numbers for all of these items so you can ensure you remain profitable. Read the story.

Developing Municipal Sweeping Contracts

Tom Maish founded his company in 1960. After more than 40 years in the business, he ciees honest communication, insistence on realistic specs and impeccable performance as key. Read the story.

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