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Legal Issues in Parking Area Sweeping

Court Case Illustrates Confidentiality and Non-Compete Issues; Offers Guidelines for Contractors

This case law example is written by Daniel Burnick, an employment law attorney with Alabama-based Sirote & Permutt. In it, he provides an overview, a case study, and recommendations for steps to take to minimize the possibility that a former employee will leave you for a competitor, or that your confidential information will fall into the hands of a competitor. Read the story.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance: What is It and Do You Need It?

As a business owner, you can take all the prudent and well intended precautions to protect yourself and your partners against lawsuits, but you may still frequently wonder: "Do we have insurance for that?" This article on employment practices liability insurance addresses a coverage hole that may be putting some sweeping contractors at risk. Read the story.

Business Sage has Answers to Tough Family Business Queries

When he's not teaching at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, James Lea is a nationally-known family business speaker, author and advisor. Read the story.

How to Win the Legal Worker War When Working With Wal-Mart

Most people don't know that Wal-Mart, after their immigration scandals in 2001 and 2003, has led the country in enforcing sub-contractor compliance with requirements of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 ("IRCA"). This can mean strict compliance regulations and contractual agreements with sweeping subcontractors. Read the story.

Washington State sweeping contractor fined over $1 million for using dyed fuel improperly.

This penalty, levied in June of 2006, shows the extreme penalties the IRS imposes for use of dyed fuel for highway travel. Read the story.

Protecting Your Company From Employee Theft

The average cost of employee theft is $159,000. Even more alarming is that the cost of embezzlement schemes at businesses with less than 100 employees is 20% more than at larger entities. Read what a pro says to do to safeguard your company. Read the story.

One Sweeping Contractor's DOT Audit Experience

Don't let this contractor's DOT experience happen to you! Read the story.

The Value of Incorporating Your Power Sweeping Business

Attorney discusses the value and basics of incorporation. Read the story.

USDOT Regulations and Their Effects on Sweeping Contractors

The title says it all. Read the story.

Altered Certification: Pickup Box Removal, Sweeper Installation

Are you sure your sweeper was built legally? Make sure your smaller sweepers, especially, have a manufacturer's altered vehicle certification sticker. Read the story.

Your Sweeping Company's Name

Attorney discusses why incorporation is often not enough to keep others from using your company tradename. Read the story.

Independent Contractor or Employee?

If you are using independent contractors in your sweeping business, you need to make sure you're doing it legally. Read the story.

Amber Beacons/Barlights on Sweepers Actually Illegal In California

Incredibly, amber beacons on sweepers appear to be illegal in California. If you operate there, you ought to read this just in case... Read the story.

Getting Tough on Collections

If your cash flow is poor, this article is for you. Read the story. Story Ideas? Design Team Info Finance Program

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