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Business Growth Ideas for Parking Area Sweeping Contractors

Millennium Emphasizes Proactive Customer Services

Whether for inclement weather, holiday needs or any other time, the 'Millennium Power Rangers' are on the job – and their customers know it in advance. Take a look.

Veri Makes Business Learning Enjoyable

The internet provides many new opportunities for learning. A website that caught our eye is called Veri, which is a site dedicated to both the learning and sharing of knowledge. There are a number of business-oriented ones that sweeping contractors might find useful. Take a look.

Diversification: Developing Multiple Baskets for Your Eggs

This article introduces a variety of ways to becoming increasingly diversified. In addition to an expansion of products and services, you might also expand your thinking to include your company's business approach and strategic partnerships. Read the article.

Ongoing Customer Contact Key to Long-Term Growth

This article offers some ideas on how you can maintain a positive relationship with your customers. Doing so is a key to keeping your current customers, as well as to developing more business with them. Read the article.

7 Guidelines For Good Newsletter Production

You cannot go rushing into newsletter printing without knowing about a few proper practices. Newsletters are not just simple press releases. They are basically shortened newspapers, and they deserve the same attention to detail and content. Read the article.

"Best Practices" for Contract Sweepers

Uri Ben-Yashar, owner of East Coast Lot And Pavement Maintenance, was the moderator of the NPE 2008 seminar entitled "Best Practices for Contract Sweepers." The format of the seminar was that contractor attendees split off into six different groups, depending upon their primary interest or ability to contribute to a one of the modules.

During the brainstorming sessions that followed, each group came up with what they thought were the primary challenges in that area, as well as discussed solutions. The following link is to the audio presentations that were made by facilitators of the seminar at the conclusion of the break-out group discussions. All audio is hosted online; no files will download to your computer. Go there.

The Keys to Purchasing Sweeping Companies

Gale Holsman, Jr., has been in the sweeping business for almost a quarter of a century. During that time, he has bought and sold numerous sweeping companies spanning several midwestern states. Here in our popular audio interview format are his tips for the process you should follow if you are considering purchase of a sweeping company. Go there.

Top Ten Business Valuation Questions Asked of Business Appraisers

Here are the answers to some of the most frequent business valuation questions that owners have on the topic of their company's appraisal value. Go there.

The Key to a Better Business AND a Better Life

It's the ultimate dream! Owning your own business, being your own boss, making lots of money. It's why you decided to start your own small business. But... Go there.

Empowerment + Training = Leadership = Profitable Growth

You can't afford to be the only one making decisions, pushing quality, selling work and ensuring your customers are happy. You will never build a successful sweeping company by being the only leader. Go there.

The Value of Providing More Services Than Sweeping

By handling whatever the customer needs in the way of exterior maintenance -- especially anything involving the pavement -- you are adding a level of job security to your sweeping contract. The more indispensable your company is in other areas of work besides sweeping, the less likely the client will jump ship to another sweeper for a few dollars a sweep. Go there.

The Power of Using a Business Coach

Over the past decade, the consulting of a 'business coach' to assist in growing businesses has been one of the fastest growing concepts around. Ron Roberts offers a wealth of experience and ideas suited for pavement-based contractors. Go there.

Harnessing the Power of Testimonials

Testimonials are a great way to market the services you provide. They offer one of the best types of credibility possible, because it is the result of a third-party endorsement. Go there.

Getting Into Municipal Sweeping

Getting into street and/or construction sweeping are two ways many in sweeping have grown their businesses. Before you take this giant leap, be sure to check out our resource area on the major changes this type of sweeping requires. Go there.

Success Tips for Growing A Sweeper Contracting Business

The northeast's largest sweeping contractor provides a host of ideas for growing your sweeping contracting business. Read the story.

The Value of Financing = Capital Preservation

There are many advantages to a financing package structured just for your company. Read the story.

Operate Your Business With Resale in Mind

Here's what you need to consider if you're thinking of buying or selling your business. Read the story.

Power Sweeping Competition: Friend or Foe?

A thought-provoking look at competition by veteran sweeping contractor, Gale Holsman. Read the story.

Digital Cameras Are Becoming Standard Sweeping Equipment

Here's what other sweeping contractors are saying about how they utilize a digital camera in their sweeping operation. Read the story.

The Cost of Doing Business: Are You Keeping Up?

Kelly Barker provides a primer on why you must keep track of your (rising) costs. Read the story.

These New Employee Owners Say: "We All Win!"

Gerry Kesselring, former naPSa president, talks about why his company decided on an Employee Stock Ownership Plan sale. Read the story.

Ensuring Satellite Office Profitability

Before you decide whether or not to expand your sweeping operation you'll want to read how Uri Ben-Yashar, head of the northeast's largest sweeping company, handles his satellite office expansions. Read the story.

Using a Computer and the Internet in Your Sweeper Contracting Business

Longtime Carolina contractor, Dale McCaskill, tells how he has integrated the Internet and a computer in his sweeping business. Read the story.

Projecting the Real Costs of Doing Business

Make sure you have solid numbers for all of these items so you can ensure you remain profitable. Read the story.

Keeping the Customer Satisfied: Marketing to Mall Managers

This property management pro tells what you need to do to ensure a happy customer base. Read the story.

Keeping Your Power Sweeping Company Profitable

Thought-provoking article about what it takes to keep your power sweeping company profitable. Read the story.

Building Your Financial Credibility

Two-part article from three Bank of America banking experts. They tell what your bank wants from you and, in part 2, how to develop a successful loan application. Read the story.

Blue Ribbon Panel of Contractors

Blue ribbon panel of contractors discusses a host of facets of how they've become successful. Read the story.

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