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Environmental Issues Facing Parking Area Sweeping Industry

Coal Tar Pavement Sealant a Cancer Risk? Study Confirms It Is.

In the past decade an enormous interest has sprung up concerning how effective sweepers are at picking up pollution from streets. Until now, that has not carried over into the parking lot arena. As a result of this study, which was released January 12, 2010 by Environmental Science and Technology (ES&T), that may well change. Read the story.

The Movement Toward Verification of Stormwater Runoff Pollutant Removal by Parking Area Sweepers

Until now, cities and other public agencies have targeted only streets for a reduction in runoff pollution. Now, with the widespread advent of stormwater runoff fees for commercial properties -- which can run in excess of $1000/month for larger properties in some locales -- there is growing interest in finding a way to gauge parking lot sweeper effectiveness.

Since a reduction in the fees paid could result, there is an increasing interest in having an independent test that would show whether or not particular parking lot sweepers are effective in reducing runoff pollution.. Read the story.

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