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Payroll Funding Can Solve Short Term Cash Flow Problems

Two years ago probably all sweeping companies had adequate capital, meaning that they had an adequate cash flow. Today, customers are paying their receivables much slower than before, so the company that was adequately capitalized two years ago now finds itself undercapitalized. Take a look.

Evaluating Your Business Methods Key to Maximizing Growth, Profit

Kraig Kramers' no-nonsense techniques for improving business operations and forecasting were acclaimed by all of his seminar attendees at National Pavement Expo 2011. Take a look.

Developing and Documenting Your Company's Philosophy

There is much value in developing and documenting the 'philosophy' of your company. In addition to providing a goal to attain, doing so can empower employees and provide guidelines for their behavior.

Our editor analyzes and discusses the Mission Statement and Pledge of Service Excellence and Growth developed by Bob Stumpf, Jr. for his Texas-based sweeping company, BZ & Sons, Inc. Take a look.

Taking Your Presentation Skills to the Next Level

Getting the job in today's economic climate involves more than just sending in a bid, and this article and interview will help you improve your presentation skills with an eye toward enhancing your image and landing the contract.

Giselle Chapman offers great tips and techniques that will bring your presentation skills to the next level, whether you are a 'newbie' presenter or an old hand at speaking to large audiences. Read the story.

Saving Money on Fuel and Related Expenses

Our editor, Ranger Kidwell-Ross, taught a seminar on how to save money in your sweeper operation. Although it emphasized fuel savings, a number of other areas were touched upon, as well. Read the story.

Customer And Employee Loyalty: How Do You Rate?

The average company loses half their customers in 5 years and half their employees in 4 years. This has significant impact to overall customer, employee, investor and supplier loyalty. Read the story.

How to get Ahead With an Easy-to-use, Inexpensive Computer Program.

Get a leg up on your competition by using PDF software. Read the story.

The Systems You Need to Drive Your Company's Success.

Ron Roberts, 'The Contractors Coach,' provides the information sweeping contractors need in order to develop systems designed to spur their company's growth. Read and hear the story.

Verizon's GPS With 'Field Force Manager' Offers a Number of Features.

Michael Nawa, former Award of Excellence in Power Sweeping winner, in an audio interview held at NPE 2007, offers an overview of the features and benefits of Verizon's GPS with Field Force Manager. Read and hear the story.

Working Together as a Sweeping Contractor Husband and Wife Team

This Certified Sweeping Contractor couple provide tips designed to help you and your spouse operate your sweeping firm together more successfully. Read the story.

When is it Time to Fire Your Client?

Yes, you can fire your client! (Sometimes you have to...) Read the story.

Top 10 Secrets of Outrageously Successful Business Owners

By Denise Corcoran, CEO of The Empowered Business. Read the story.

Improve Sweeping Profits by Controlling Sweeping Costs

Gale Holsman is at the leading edge when it comes to keeping costs down and profits up. Read the story.

Management Tools for Parking Area Sweeping

Kraig Kramers has been CEO of 8 different companies, and here is the synopsis of his 4-hour seminar that includes many proven techniques for improving business operations, sales and planning. Read the story.

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