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Forms and Handouts for Parking Area Contractors

Daily Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

This checklist is from information provided by John Dolce, noted fleet management professional. It lists 11 items for a shop manager to consider each day in order to maximize shop productivity and minimize disruption for vehicle users. View the pdf file.

Secrets to Handling Noise Complaints

Here's a pdf file that provides an overview of what to do to minimize the impact noise issues make on your sweeper operation. View the pdf file.

Maximizing Employee Retention

Are you doing everything possible to hire and then retain good employeees? Here's a pdf file that's filled with reminders. View the pdf file.

Global Positioning Systems: An Overview

Here's a pdf file that provides an outline of what GPS systems are and how they can benefit a sweeping contractor. View the pdf file.

Marketing Tips You Can Take to the Bank

A wide variety of ideas and actions comprise a total company marketing plan. Here's a pdf with a list of reminders of how your company can rise to the top of the marketing ladder. View the pdf file.

The Importance of Keeping Business Parking Areas Clean

This list is a good reminder for yourself, and a great handout for your customers and prospects. Read the story.

What Customers Should Find Out About Their Sweeping Contractors

All parking area contractors should be doing these things. Are you? Are your competitors? A good reminder and a great handout for customers and prospects. Read the story.

Why Should Malls Use a Contractor Instead of Sweeping In-house?

For a variety of reasons, contractors can typically do the job better, using the correct sweeper for a particular job, than can a mall that operates its own sweeper. Read the story.
Information also available as an Adobe pdf handout that is suitable for providing to a mall manager that operates an in-house sweeper using mall employees.

Forms for Calculating Costs of Street Sweeping

These handouts were originally developed by request of contractors who were interested in helping municipalities get a handle on street sweeping costs so they could bid to privatize sweeping. Over time, the handouts have seen more use by both sweeping contractors and municipal agencies trying to get a handle on their own respective costs. These forms are located in our Street Sweeping forms section.

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