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How is sweeping done around the world?

Ranger Kidwell-Ross, our webmaster and Editor of, has made trips to Asia, Australia and Europe to provide news of how pavement sweeping is done in some of the countries around the world. The Asia portion of this travelogue won an APEX Award of Excellence in Online Journalism for 2002, while the European travelogue won an Apex Grand Award for 2004.

This section on Armenia has been developed via contacts located in that country.

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posted in May 2014

Profile of a Street Sweeper in Armenia

This article is a profile on a street sweeper by the name of Laura Atoyan, who sweeps in Artashat, about 30km southeast of Yerevan.

In the overview, Ms. Atoyan provides an overview of her workday and the job she does. Read the story.

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