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Power Sweeper Fleet Management

Power Sweeper Fleet Management

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Save Fuel Costs

Common Cents: 75 Tips to Minimize Fuel Costs

Fleet managers – including IT professionals, safety directors and operations managers – all can put pencil to paper and contribute to lowering fuel consumption by employing any number of strategies and technologies. See which items in this pdf white paper you can utilize to keep your mileage up and your costs down. Check out the details.

Improving Tier 4 Diesel DPF System Performance

Today's diesel fuel industry is far different from what it was just a decade ago. Changes in diesel engine designs, driven by increased EPA regulations, have caused critical issues for OEMs as well as for those who operate diesel engines in their fleets. In this article, we will discuss several leading issues regarding today's diesel-fueled engines, as well as steps that sweeper owners and operators might want to consider for preventing premature diesel engine failure. Includes audio podcast with the Vice President of Texas Refinery Corporation. Read/Listen to the story.

Isuzu Responds to Reported Fuel System Issues

In 2014 the World Sweeper office received a number of reports from parking lot sweeping contractors concerning trouble they were having with the fuel systems on their Isuzu chassis. These seemed to center on the 2006 and 2007 model years. We offer an article and 26-minute audio interview with a top Isuzu fleet manager to discuss the realities of the situation. This article includes many tips for maximizing the chassis fuel system, as well as some additional information about ways to maximize transmission longevity. Read/Listen to the story.

Mandated 2010 Emission Standards and Emerging Technologies for Sweeper Truck Chassis

Starting in 2010, virtually all trucks sold in the U.S. had to meet new, much more stringent emissions' standards. The following is a layperson's explanation of the two technologies that currently are being used to meet the new standards. Read/Listen to the story.

A Primer on the Move to Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Interview with Bill Haaker, CEO of California-based, Haaker Equipment Company, Inc. Haaker is an expert on the transformation of heavy equipment chassis vehicles, such as those used on street sweepers and catchbasin cleaners, to use alternative fuels such as CNG and LPG. Read/Listen to the story.

Internet Auctions: Less Hassle and Time Wasted, More Revenue

The website specializes in working with municipal entities. In fact, only municipalities may sell equipment on the site. And, instead of doing what so many other auction companies do, which is to charge a percentage of each sale, the concept is to offer its services to municipalities for a modest fee per year. Read/Listen to the story.

Creating Customer Service Agreements for In-House Fleet Management

Steve Kibler, a 20-year veteran of municipal fleet management and head of that department for Loveland, Colorado, offered his rules of thumb for managing municipal fleets at APWA 2008. In this audio interview with Kibler, he transmits the many ideas he has developed for making his fleet management department accountable and productive. Read/Listen to the story.

Tips for Improving Fuel Economy

Fuel prices have never risen so quickly. Here are a variety of tips for conserving fuel usage, which will help you keep a line on costs and, if you're a contractor, stay competitive with your bidding. Read all about it.

Biodiesel's Impact on Public Fleet Operability and Economics

Biodiesel has many advantages and will soon be available nationwide. Make sure you make the right decisions about implementing biodiesel as a fleet fuel. Includes audio interview in .mp3 format. Read/Listen to the story.

Modernizing Fleet Operations

Here are some of the factors that will help you create a state-of-the art public fleet operation and establish a business enterprise that uses best management practices to compete successfully with private sector entities. Includes 19 minute .mp3 audio interview with 25+ year fleet manager. Read/Listen to the story.

Determining Whether to Work on Vehicles In-House or to Sub Out the Work

This thought-provoking analysis of the cost and productivity of mechanics, as well as size of shops needed for in-house repair work, is provided by John Dolce, noted fleet management professional. Includes a handout list of 11 items for a shop manager to consider each day in order to maximize shop productivity and minimize disruption for vehicle users. Read the story.

Five Tips for Winterizing Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines

When preparing your fleet for winter, one of the most commonly overlooked items is the fuel itself. Fuel needs to be winterized, especially for trucks that are used throughout the winter. Read the best practice reminders.

Contractors Report Isuzu DPF System Troubles

In 2014 the World Sweeper office received a number of reports from parking lot sweeping contractors concerning trouble they were having with the DPF systems on their Isuzu chassis. As a result, we distributed a query to members of the World Sweeping Association. This informal survey resulted in more contractors coming forward with their experiences on the topic.

We also offer a follow-up story in this series, which is an article based upon a conversation with Mike Rossetti, Isuzu Commercial Truck's Director of Field Operations for the company. Read/Listen to the story.

Engine Upkeep: Tips to Keep Power Sweeper Engines Operating Efficiently

Brad Murphy, COO and Executive Vice-President, Subaru Industrial Power Products, wrote this article for the WorldSweeper reading audience. It provides a number of basic engine maintenance tips and a few troubleshooting tricks that will help in creating a sufficient preventative maintenance program.Check out the details.

Switching Your Vehicle Fleet to Biodiesel

Considering a switch to biodiesel? Hear about the experience of two Pacific NW agencies when they implemented biodiesel as a fleet fuel. Includes .mp3 audio interview. Read/Listen to the story.

Fleet Washing and Stormwater Regulations

In today's environmental climate, washing your sweepers and other vehicles without the proper procedures can result in more than just a large fine. Includes 20-minute .mp3 audio interview with one of the wastewater disposal industry's leaders. Read and Listen to the story.

The 50/50 Rule: A Discussion of Relative Maintenance Costs

John Dolce discusses the way even single sweeper owners can benefit by the statistics available to larger fleets. If you don't know Dolce's '50/50 Rule, you may not be trading out your vehicles at the right time in their service life. Read the story.

Preventive Maintenance Software X 2

Discussion of features of MaintStar and Vehicle Tracker brands of fleet maintenance and management software. Read the story.

Five Steps Toward Optimizing a Vocational Fleet Preventive Maintenance Program

The Fleet Management Liaison for NTEA provides five items to review and analyze in order to make sure your fleet maintenance program is on the right track. Read the story.

Track Your Fuel Usage

Article discusses why and when card access fuel stations make good business sense. Read the story.

Consider Synthetic Oil

Author discusses why synthetic oil may be of value. Read the story.

What You Need to Know About Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and Emissions Changes

Ultra low sulfur diesel will soon be the norm. Make sure your fleet is ready. Read the story.

Managing Tomorrow's Fleet Assets Today

An expert with over 30 years of experience operating fleets of various types and sizes, John Dolce, tells how to determine when to keep machinery in your fleet and when to trade it in on something newer. Read the story. Finance Program
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