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Welcome to our April newsletter!

It's the busiest time of the year, so I'll be brief.

by Ranger Kidwell-Ross

Ranger Kidwel-Ross, editor For most of you, there could be another 12 hours in the day and you still wouldn't get caught up. If you're pricing right, that's the good news. If you're not sure of the profit level you're trading your family time for, though, or are having employee, equipment or job tracking difficulties, we have stories in this newsletter issue that are right up your street. (Or parking lot, whichever...)

I'm proud of the wide range of topics covered in this newsletter issue. There's something for everyone, from the profiles on the Portland, OR, and San Jose, CA sweeping programs to the latest on the materials to use for indoor sweeping and scrubbing, with plenty in between.

I'm excited about our upcoming seminars on sweeping in Orange County and San Jose California, too. As far as I know, these mark the first time the latest study information about sweeping's relative effectiveness on reducing storm water runoff pollution is being presented to those in charge of developing sweeping programs in a region. Since California has so much trouble in that regard, I feel like we'll be really doing something for the environment, as well.

If you're not yet a naPSa member, we've added yet another reason to join. For a limited time, when you become a member you'll get a $50 discount on any Contractor Locator listing here at After so many years, naPSa is finally at a good, self-sustaining spot. Now, if you haven't yet joined, you can be part of moving naPSa to the next level. With further expansion of membership, the association will be able to start developing items like safety and training manuals, doing pro-active government lobbying and much more. You owe it to your company and the industry you represent to become a dues-paying member today. It's just $275/year, and their couldn't be a better investment in the long-term health of your business.

Whether or not you use this promotion to go ahead and join naPSa, your company should definitely get a listing in our Contractor Locator module. Traffic to it has been outstanding! One contractor with a new Gold level listing recently got over 400 ad views, 32 'looks' at his company's info, and 20 click-throughs to his website within the first two weeks. All for a cost of less than $300 for an entire year's listing! Because of our strong Google and Yahoo! ad programs, is becoming the place to go to find local area contractors. Besides, the more you support, the more time we can devote to bringing you the latest sweeping news and breaking information.

If you like what you read in this newsletter or on the website, be sure to thank the advertisers who sponsored it. The only way for them to know you appreciate their support of is to tell them!

Good Sweeping!
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Ranger Kidwell-Ross, editor

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