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Sweeping Stories From Scandanavia

How is sweeping done around the world?

Mike Dyck, principal with California-based Masco Sweepers, traveled in Scandanavia and returned with some information and photos about the sweeping he saw while there.

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Sweeping From a Visitor's View in Scandanavia

  • As owner of a sweeper manufacturing company, when Masco Sweeper's Mike Dyck traveled he looked for -- what else -- sweepers! We invite you to read for yourself what he saw in his journeys, as well as to take a look at the photos of sweepers while there. Read the story. or view the slideshow.

An American Sweeping Contractor's Perspective on Amsterdam's Sweeping Program

  • Kelly Barker, former owner of Michigan-based MetroSweep, provides a critical review of Amsterdam's sweeping program. Read the story.
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