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Apex Award Ranger Kidwell-Ross, our webmaster and Editor of World Sweeper magazine, completed an intrepid 5-week sojourn in 2001 to bring us news of how pavement sweeping is done in other countries around the world. This travelogue won an APEX Award of Excellence in Online Journalism for 2002. This story continues the travelogue from Asia.

Tokyo To Sydney

Going to Sydney, Australia

Flight scree

After over two weeks of being in non-English speaking countries, I relish the thought of being able, once again, to ask directions in my own language! Although a few people have spoken English in each of the countries I've visited, as you've read in previous articles, they have been few and far between.

In Australia, we'll be interviewing several Councils that handle sweeping. These Councils are the counterpart to municipal agencies in the States. Since Schwarze Industries, Inc. has a factory in the Brisbane area -- the only brand of sweepers being manufactured in Australia -- I'll also be taking a look at what they build for the Australian marketplace. Since I know that driving, like Japan, is done on the opposite side from in the United States, a major difference in the Schwarze product line will be the shift of outlet and inlet sides on their regenerative air sweepers. We'll find out what other differences, if any, are deemed necessary for the land down under.

Caboolshire Region

For me, this flight out of Japan is perfect: I'm scheduled to leave at 8:30 PM and arrive at about 7 AM the next morning in Sydney. Hopefully, I'll be able to sleep, since the flight coincides with when I've been sleeping here in Tokyo. Once we arrive, after a day of acclimatization, I'll be visiting with the folks who take care of sweeping Manly Beach, a suburb of Sydney. The map shows the Manly area to be bounded by water on three sides, so they may have some interesting stories to tell.

For now, I'm going to pack my bags and get ready for the long bus ride to the airport. See you in Australia!

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