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Use Waterproof Grease for Sweeper Bearings

by Mark D. Kinter, Technical Consultant
Elgin Sweeper Company

Bearings subjected to wash down and routine moisture on the lower portion of sweepers are prone to failure. A cheap way to extend their life is to use 'Marine Trailer Bearing' grease. Make sure the label refers to the formula's 'water-resistant' properties.

The first time you use it, pump enough in to expel the old, non-waterproof grease. It helps to grease roller bearings when they're turning slowly, as this ensures even distribution of the grease.

You can feel free to use this type of grease on all the grease fittings on your sweeper. It prevents freeze-up of ball joints and rod ends due to corrosion better than regular, lithium-based grease.

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