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A Company Newsletter Can be a Key to Employee Updates, Information and Satisfaction

This Tip was provided by Stuart Smith, of Smith Sweeping Co., located in South Carolina. You may reach Stuart by calling 803-276-3473.

With today's technology, it's easier than ever to create newsletters. My Tip is to make a monthly company newsletter that is designed to provide information to your employees. This is especially easy if you have a program like Microsoft Word that provides templates for newsletter design.

sample newsletter for sweepers

Since people work differing shifts, it can be difficult to make sure everyone learns about what's happening at the company, let alone keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, etc., taking place among employees. A company newsletter is an ideal way to keep everyone up on this type of info.

Even more importantly, I use our newsletter to provide safety-related and other information designed to help my employees be safe on the job and to do a better job for our customers. With this, I have a box showing how many 'no accident days' we currently have going, along with a reminder that our goal is zero accidents on the job.

We can also add in customer service alerts and that sort of thing designed to make our employees more productive and professional. All in all, a company newsletter is easy and inexpensive to make, and more than pays for itself in terms of company communication and increasing employee morale.

Thanks to Stuart for his online Tip. Have an idea that would be helpful to others in the industry? Please let us know what it is.

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