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Make a Little Extra Income by Selling 'Billboard Space' on Your Sweeper

This Tip was provided by Stuart Smith, of Smith Sweeping Co., located in South Carolina. You may reach Stuart by calling 803-276-3473.

I've found I can make up to an extra $1500 per year by making my sweeper into a billboard. NASCAR does it for big money, and now advertising is even being seen on police cars as a way for cities to afford new police cruisers.

sweeper advertising

Because of the higher level of traffic that can see them, this works best with sweepers that are parked at a Wal-Mart or other highly trafficked area during the day. Those who run street sweepers, which tend to operate during the day more often, also are seen by a large number of people. Still, these days there are quite a few stores that are staying open all night, and a greater level of night traffic than ever before.

I try to get $500 per hopper side for the advertising, as well as the same for the back of the hopper. If the customer renews the next year then I reduce the cost, since I don't even have to have the signs repainted.

During political campaigns I've also been successful in selling ads on sweepers for candidates. Because sweepers are so unusual looking, people definitely look at them when they're parked near the road. For political ads, I park the sweeper wherever the candidates get permission to have it parked.

Thanks to Stuart for this thought-provoking -- and income-producing -- idea. Have an idea that would be helpful to others in the industry? Please let us know what it is.

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