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Recycle Old Main Broom Segments Into Side Strip Brooms

Schwarze's M5000 sweepers have a set of strip-type brooms that run lengthwise along the sides of the main broom to keep it from trailing at the sides. These single strip brooms run about $35 per set.


What I use -- for free -- are worn-out strip broom segments from the main broom itself. When the main broom gets worn to where the strips need replaced, they're at just about the right height to be used for the side strip broom function. The only modification is that about a foot of length needs to be cut off from the main broom segment to make it the correct length. Other than that, the main broom strips work as well as a new one to keep the sweeper from trailing, and the price is definitely right!

Editor's Note: We spoke to Tony Libhart, Schwarze Industries' chief engineer, about this Tip. Tony said one of the redesigns Schwarze made when they purchased the Murphy Broom was brackets that could take a regular strip broom piece. He credited Murphy user Charlie Ostuni, of Mohawk Sweeping, with the original idea of making a bracket on the old-style Murphy Broom sweepers that would take a worn main broom strip. With Ostuni's input, Schwarze engineering made the redesign on the M5000.

With his Tip, Stan Campbell became the first person to have a Tip printed in successive issues of American Sweeper magazine. Thanks to Stan - and Charlie - for their Tip. Have an idea that would be helpful to others in the industry? Please let us know what it is.

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