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Stop Panel Legends From Wearing Out

This Tip was provided by Marty Braun, of Martin's Power Sweeping in Pennsylvania:

We have been running Schwarze parking area sweepers for many years. Since about 1985, the 3-yard parking area sweepers that we operate all have come with control panels with push-in legends that tell what each control does. Unfortunately, the legends were located at the bottom of the switches. The problem with this was that they were prone to wear out because the operator's hand would rest on them when they were flipping the switches.

What we started doing was to turn the panels over. This is a relatively easy process which takes only about 15 minutes. Before you do it, be sure to disconnect the hot wire first. Then pull out all the switches, and turn the panel upside down. Then just replace the switches and turn the legends over so that they are still right side up. Now, however, they will be positioned at the top of the switches. By having the legends at the top, you'll find that they don't wear out with the hand movement of throwing the switches, as they did before.

Editor's Note: This reversal is now done at the factory as an original equipment change. The above procedure will work on all models that have the legends on the panel.

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