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This Tip was sent to us by Kevin Willer, Operations Director of the Oakwood Mall in Wisconsin:

At the Oakwood Mall we operate our own parking area sweeper. We often park it at various locations throughout the mall parking area, and, because we are close to the drive lane,we routinely back our vehicles in. This created some situations where the pointed back part of the hopper design became a potential safety hazard.

sweeping injury

As you will see from the picture, even though the sweeper is parked correctly the pointed back of the hopper protrudes out over the sidewalk area. Since our sweeper is painted white, this tip tended to blend in with the white of our buildings.

To fix the problem, we painted the tip. Redone in orange, it is now unmistakably easy to see, therefore keeping anyone from banging into it as they move along the sidewalk.

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