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For Safety: Hand Crush Large Boxes

Contributed By Thomas Van Wie of Kean-Rite Sweeping Services:

"Man crushed to death when a truck rolled over the cardboard box he was sleeping in," reported one of our newspapers one August. This incident reminded me of an almost tragic accident that happened to me a couple of years ago while sweeping a lot.


Quite a large box was near a planter island, but still on the parking lot. In the dark it appeared to be empty. I figured the quickest way to dispose of it was to drag it to the dumpster with my sweeper head on the way out. I find this to be a quick and easy way to remove a large item.

After finishing the lot I approached the box, doing 15 to 20 mph, and out of it popped a man's head! Luckily I stopped in time, but I woke the poor guy up! The bottom line -- HAND crush all large boxes.

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