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Always Think Safety!

Related by Michael Nawa of Progressive Power Sweeping:

One of our drivers had an unfortunate accident while compacting the trash in a garbage can. When he pushed down on the top of the debris, a used hypodermic needle jabbed through his leather glove and stabbed into his hand.

graphic All operators should be alerted to watch out for this type of hazard, which could result in hepatitis or, even worse, an AIDS infection. Your drivers may want to carry a circle of wood with a handle mounted on it, which can be used to pack trash into cans. At the very least, take the time to educate your personnel to the potential dangers.

Care should also be taken even when picking up bags and other bulky trash. Don't just grab the tops of bagged-up debris and swing them against your legs. Either carry bags away from your body, or bring them against your clothing gently and safely.

It's certainly unfortunate that such precautions are necessary but, especially now that there is even the remote possibility of an AIDS infection, all those who deal with public waste should be constantly alert and aware.

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