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Extend V-Belt Life On Older Supervacs

Sent by Dan Gillett of Gillett Services:

Here is a great way to extend the life of V-belts, and ease the chore of adjusting the tension on the older sweepers where the auxiliary engine is mounted directly above the fan shaft:


As you can see in the drawing, all that is needed is a couple of short pieces of angle iron. One is welded to the engine mounting bracket and one is used as a pivot arm.

At a local machine and factory supply house I was able to get an idler puller with the proper size and shape V's to accommodate the belt. This had permanent lube bearings with a 1/2" shaft that was simply fastened to the angle with a 1/2" bolt.

Finally, a short piece of angle was welded to the fan housing with a threaded eye bolt attached to allow adjustment.

I have used this on three different machines and it has greatly extended belt life by providing a simple way to keep the belt properly adjusted.

Editor's Note: Although this should work fine, keep in mind that it does add an additional wear item into the system.

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