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Easy Tire Changing For Outside Duals

Contributed by Joe Anders of Anders Supervac:

When I have a flat on one of my outside duals, I find that the easiest way to change it is without a jack. I just run the inside dual up onto a 2 x 6 board. That raises the outside tire up from the ground enough to easily get it off.

Tire Changing For Outside Duals

Not only is this simple, but there's no jack to slip or lost pressure while you're changing out the tire.

Editor's Note: This is a real labor-saving idea, but it is also one of those which requires a hopperful of cautions to go along with it. An important caution is that for this technique to be performed safely, the truck must be equipped with a 'Budd' (a brand name) type of nut and wheel system. These have lug nuts separately holding both inner and outer wheels.

On trucks with only a single set of lug nuts holding on both tires, the inner tire could easily tilt. Once the outer lugs are off it is no longer held secure. If it did tilt, at best it will strip the lug threads. At worst, the inner lugs could break and drop the axle to the ground.

Experts advise that even on trucks with inner and outer lug nuts the inner ones may sometimes come loose in the process of removing the ones on the outside. This doesn't cause a problem if only a couple back off, since that won't allow the inner wheel to actually loosen. Simply re-tighten them prior to putting the outer tire back on. If the inner wheel does loosen at all, however, the axle must be raised before you re-tighten the nuts.

We also caution against using this Tip procedure with a loaded hopper. You don't want to put too much weight on just one tire.

Although the Tip is easy and convenient, before you try it be certain the method is recommended for your particular model of truck. Always read and follow the tire changing instructions in your Operators/Owners Manual.

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