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Keep Hopper Lip Looking Nice

Contributed by Karen Spooner and Craig Almany of Quality Power Sweeping:

Most of our locations call for the removal of trash from receptacles in addition to our power sweeping services. This causes contact of trash receptacles, also known as garbage cans, with the lip behind the rear inspection door. We hated how banged up the lip looked after only a short time.

Our solution was to purchase a 5' length of Trimlock automotive door strip. We installed it over the rear lip of the hopper underneath the rear inspection door. It just slides on, and prevents the damage caused by contact with cans. The strip fits snugly, and keeps the back of our Schwarze Supervac looking as attractive as the day it was purchased.

Hopper Looking Nice The diagram shows the soft rubber with which contact is made by the trash can, and the plastic-covered metal part which fits onto the hopper. The hard plastic part is made so that it will slide snugly over the metal lip at the top/back of the hopper. If you don't like to see your equipment get any more wear than it has to, give this a try.

Editor's Note: This fine idea will also work for other areas where you have an edge of sheet metal that's wearing. Similar products are made for the sides of doors, for example.

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