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Use Special Fuel Pump On Some Auxiliaries

A number of auxiliary engines operate at a lower fuel pump pressure than the pumps you can purchase off-the-shelf. If that's the case with your auxiliary engine, the manufacturer should cover the fact in their Owners Manual. Still, owners can forget, when their fuel pump goes out, that this is the case, and they can create serious problems if they install a higher-pressure pump.

If you go to a parts store and get a generic fuel pump replacement when the one on your auxiliary fails, most likely it will have 4 pounds of pressure. This may be too strong. If it is, the added fuel being sent to the carburetor not only will tend to flood the engine, but it also causes rapid wear. As an example, Wisconsin Engine Company is on record as stating that an increase in fuel pressure will "significantly reduce engine life."


If you must replace the pump locally in order to get back on the road, make certain to install a regulator into the line. Specifically, you need to decrease the pressure to 2 lbs. This will prevent these problems from occurring. If your auxiliary is another brand, be sure to check with your manufacturer for the correct specifications.

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