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Keep Hopper Doors Working Freely

Thanks to Rick Motley of R & M Sweeping for this tip: sweeper hopper door

I had trouble keeping the back hopper door working freely on my lowdump Schwarze 342-I. To solve the problem, I put zerk fittings on the hinges so we could pressure grease the back door. I drilled and tapped the outer hinge tube, and then inserted fittings into that. Grease goes to the center of the back door hinge.

In the spring and fall it is quite damp in our area, and that's when I started having trouble. We wash at the start and end of each shift, and would come back the next day and have the door be hard to open. This has completely solved the problem.

Editor's Note: We agree that installing a grease fitting should fix this problem. Another solution on high dump models is to remove the pin and replace it with a 1/2" plated bolt; the plating will keep the bolt rust-free. On newer models, we understand that the Schwarze factory has gone to a cadmium-plated bolt. If you are having this type of problem with a newer sweeper, be sure your manufacturer is aware of the problem.

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