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Remove Graffiti and Paint From Hard Surfaces

The former 'Sweeping Doctor' offers his company's tried and true method of paint removal.

Clayton Boyd, who for 28 years was known throughout his company's Chicago market area as 'The Sweeping Doctor,' said they had a go-to method for removing graffiti that seldom failed. Boyd, who went on to become the inventor of the Mystic Washer line of flat surface cleaners, offered the following:

graffiti "We were a full service company that offered many other sideline services in addition to sweeping and pressure washing," said Boyd. "One of these was graffiti removal. When faced with paint on almost any type of hard surface, from plastic signage to cars and trucks, we first tried Easy Off oven cleaner. Our method was to spray it onto the affected area, wait a few minutes, and then try wiping it off. Typically, the fresher paint would just wipe away.

"We also used Easy Off to remove the painted on lettering on our sweepers before putting them on the market. We did not want to take the chance that the purchaser wouldn't remove our logo and contact information after they purchased used vehicles of any kind from us, so would use Easy Off on the lettering for quick removal."

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