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Help Clients Avoid Litigation

From Jim Sage, owner of Sweeping Services:

There is getting to be more litigation brought by customers who trip and fall, or who have some other accident in parking areas. When this happens, it can be necessary for the property managers to be able to prove exactly when the area was last cleaned.

litigation avoidance

Most sweeping contractors keep the records necessary to make them able to do this; if you don't, you should. The intent of this Tip is to remind everyone that a good way to sell yourself against the competition is to make certain that your clients and prospective clients are aware that you keep such a record.

Furthermore, you can include in your sales presentation the fact that you will be glad to make records available in the event they are needed, as an extra service you provide. This will illustrate that your company has a high degree of professionalism, and you'll find that in today's lawsuit-happy climate, many companies would rather patronize a company which has this service included than go with the one with the lowest bid.

Editor's Note: This Tip was offered before the advent of GPS. Installation of a GPS system on your sweeper fleet is now the best way to be able to confirm when your sweeper was at a particular location, as well as how long it swept, how much blowing was done, etc.

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