street sweeper use traffic signs

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street sweeper use traffic signs

Post by herenjhax » Thu Nov 07, 2013 3:22 am

Should city street sweeper use traffic signs when sweeping on highway going 2mph in 25 mph zone ? should city street sweeper use traffic signs when sweeping on highway going 2mph in 25 mph zone invisable to traffic cuz of a huge dust cloud covering both lanes of the road just after a turn or should he have ben spraying water aswell to keep the dust down so traffic dont slam into him and perhaps their was a citizen on a riding mower on the out skirts of the dust cloud could a person driving clearly think the mower is kicking the dust if he was just by there and turned around before this accident ocurred and there was no city sweeper truck the 1st time he drove through there? should this be failure to maintain speed for road way conditions if they was traviling the speed limit? or should the city sweeper be hold countable for unsafe work zone or should he get a speeding ticket for going 2 mph in 25 throwing thick dust everywhere or not having flager or cones or lights or maybe he did have lights on the other side of the dust cloud.
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Re: street sweeper use traffic signs

Post by Tom_in_CA » Thu Nov 07, 2013 9:04 am

I would think street sweepers would be exempt from speed limits (going too slow), if they are in the official capacity of municipal business duty. Same logic as for cops or ambulances who, conversely, exceed the speed limit.

As for dust: you can certainly use ground water to help control airborne dust. That will leave brown dingy smears , but.... it's the cost to pay to abate air-borne dust.

If your application (purpose/reason for street-sweeping) is for tack-oil preparation, then some paver specifically DON'T want you to use ground water, because they feel the brown pasty smears are an impediment to the tack-oil bonding (since .... afterall.... the brown dinge is smeared dirt, and dirt is an impediment). So the sweeper actually sweeps cleaner and crisper when doing a dry sweep. Naturally the risk then when using no water for paving purposes, is that you'll create air-borne dust. My experience, in those cases, is that lookie-lou busy-body gripers will JUST have to turn and look the other way. I have gotten complaints in such situations, and just explain that I'm going dry to improve tack-oil adherance/bond, and that's it's a necessary evil. That usually hushes people up. Although in extreme cases (very dusty) the contractor will say to use water anyhow (and to h*ll with a crisp bond). In cases like that, you can always turn off your water on the subsequent 2nd and 3rd passes, to "buff out" the resultant smears a bit more.

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Re: street sweeper use traffic signs

Post by Protect Environment » Sun Oct 30, 2016 11:10 pm

I think street sweeper will not be held accountable for the speed limit if he has official responsibility from city authority.
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