Rear tyre Punctures on mechanical sweepers

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Rear tyre Punctures on mechanical sweepers

Post by sweeper6280 » Tue May 29, 2018 1:48 pm

Hi guys I’m thinking of purchasing a mechanical truck mounted sweeper.
I’m not sure which brand, maybe a Wayne or challenger.
Having lots of experience with vacuum sweepers but none with these, I’m wondering if mechanical sweepers are more prone to rear tyre punctures as the channel brush sweeps debris across the front of the rear tyres.
Does this result in more tyre damage from stray debris?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Rear tyre Punctures on mechanical sweepers

Post by Tom_in_CA » Thu May 31, 2018 2:47 pm

I know the phenomenon that you speak of, for vacuum sweepers. It's the fact that the debris goes up the tube up the "uptake" side of the head. So that any nails that get blown across the length of the head, yet are too dense/heavy to get caught in the air-flow, will eventually skip out from under the flaps. And unfortunately, that's right at the leading edge of the rear tire. Hence, yes, you get more flats @ the passenger side rear all the time. In the case of a center-mount head. Aarrgghh.

But with broom sweepers: No, there is not that tendency. The debris doesn't flow to one side or the other. An exception would be a certain type sweeper (I forget the name or maker) where it has a broom that windrows all the debris to one side, and then has a vacuum pickup head at the final 1 to 2 ft. I suppose it would be possible then. But not for all the normal type brooms. It picks up evenly all the way across. And of course nails (nuts, bolts, ball-bearings, etc...) that are often missed by vacuums, are not missed by a broom sweeper. They pick up heavy dense objects just fine.

In fact, you'll notice that they're terrible on things like styrofoam peanuts, fluffy mulch, etc.... Broom sweepers tend to push/bulldoze that stuff around. And has a hard -time getting on the elevators. Whereas a vacuum is perfect for popcorn type litter.

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