Skirt Issues,

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Skirt Issues,

Post by Linus17 » Mon Jul 22, 2019 7:38 am

Hi there!
I was wondering something a bit odd between the A7 Tornado as opposed to the older A7000 which was the skirt (or apron) that is in front of the pickup head. On the A7's that my city uses, it seems a bit... long, and does NOT get pulled up and out of the way when you throttle up, rather, the left side drags the ground while the right side allows very little debris to pass into the vortex. Still, the main issue is that during most days, the debris just accumulates in the very CENTER of the front of the pickup head and bulldozes so badly that it leaves a nice looking "skid mark" down the street which makes us have to double back and start over. Our Fleet Mechs have NOT been signed off on this model (or any OTHER model, for that matter), but their idea of a "fix" is to tell us that we are simply "running them too high", and proceeded to "govern" down the throttles on all of the machines, so now, they REALLY don't pick up anything! Also, a lot of debris gets caught in the turbine as is somehow bypasses the screen. Any thoughts?

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