Which medium road sweeper for dust / construction work ?

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Which medium road sweeper for dust / construction work ?

Post by sscsmalta » Wed Jul 22, 2020 7:51 am

Hi folks. Thankyou for helping out. Im from Malta Europe. Some brands you have in the USA are not available to us. We have an upcoming schedule for afew months dealing with road construction and buildings. The main issue is heavy dust and gravel. The only viable option i can come up with is purchasing 2 units of the Dulevo 5000 series , does anyone have experience with these road sweepers for dust conditions ?

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Re: Which medium road sweeper for dust / construction work ?

Post by Tom_in_CA » Tue Aug 04, 2020 2:49 pm

When you say "gravel", it will depend on how thick that is, and how thick the "dust" is. If it's a trashed job site with lots of rock, gravel, and dirt/dust, then : A vacuum sweeper might be the wrong machine. Because , despite how they might do in a test-run demo, they are a difficult beast to keep able to A) pick up bigger rocks, B) Not blow dust in the air . Oh sure, you can spray ground water to suppress airborne dust, but then you have just defeated your desire to pick up the dust. The ground water sprayers will merely "paste" the dirt/dust on to the ground. And then a few hours later, when the sun dries those smeary-streaks, then guess what ? You still have dust on the ground.

So sometimes we do a tandem sweep : Broom sweeper first and vacuum sweeper 2nd. Or if the dirt/dust drifts are not too think, and the rocks are not to big (or gravel drifts too deep), then a Tymco 600 .... IF OPERATED CORRECTLY and IF the UNIT IS TIGHT, can be used, without much airborne dust, yet with no ground water. But those two big "If's" are where the devil is in the details.

I know nothing about those foreign units you allude to ("Dulevo"). And also would need to see the job site sample of task-at-hand, to make better evaluation. Perhaps you want to post some pix.

Also: When people say "dust", they are often not talking about NEEDING TO HAVE THE GROUND perfectly dust free. (like if the objective were seal coat or striping etc...). So perhaps brown smeary discoloration is not a problem , eh ? If so, get yourself a broom sweeper, and go ahead and use ground water. Like an Elgin Broom Badger, or Elgin Road Wizard.

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Re: Which medium road sweeper for dust / construction work ?

Post by sweeprite » Wed Dec 16, 2020 9:28 am

Did someone say gravel?
Sweeprite actually uses a construction site as part of our product testing process. There's nothing like a real world challenge.
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