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Post by az2878 » Tue Feb 12, 2019 8:01 am

Hello I am new to the sweeper world so please forgive my ignorance. I am thinking about buying a sweeper and doing some sweeping in central MN. I am having a hard time finding out what local people are charging. I would like to get around $100/hr. Is this unreasonable. I have read some forums on this site where people are getting 125 bucks for a Wal-Mart lot. That seems really cheap. Are they sweeping the whole lot or just high traffic areas? How long does it take to sweep a lot that size? Are they blowing off sidewalks for that price? Anybody know where I can get some startup work?
Thank You for any input

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Re: Prices

Post by Tom_in_CA » Thu May 09, 2019 1:04 pm

My company hasn't done shopping centers for many years now. But back when we did, here's how we determined what the per-sweep price would be : We had a target hourly rate. One rate for a 1-man crew, and another rate if it were a 2-man crew. And then we'd estimate the average time that a shopping center (or mini-mart, or office complex lot, etc...) would tend to take. Then multiply it out accordingly.

Other factors were whether or not it was on an already existing route. Versus some place that's going to take time to travel to. If it wasn't on our regular travel route corridors, we would, of course, charge more.

Dunno about the norms in your state (where , perhaps, the cost of living is less). But here in CA, if I were still in the business, I'd be wanting to get $80-ish per hour for a Mr. Air type sweeper , if it were a 1 man crew. Ie.: In the one -man crew, the guy blows off sidewalks, blows out corners, then hops in the truck and sweeps. Or for a 2-man crew, I'd take whatever the hourly rate of that laborer is , and double it (or more). Thus, for example, if the laborer is earning $25 p/h "out the door", then I'd be adding on another $50 to that $80-ish. Thus $130-ish. Again, depending on travel time and how many accounts you've got in a tight-confines-travel route.

The shopping center truck-mounted vacuum sweeping is a "race-to-the-bottom". Too many fly-by-nights get into it, and practically give-it-away. Then they fly through, don't do a good job, yet .... the property managers choose them anyhow. D/t their lower rates. So good luck in trying to sell by quality.

Humorously, the property managers will, of course.... always tell you they choose by quality. But the reality is, they will choose by price. And as long as the vendor doesn't kill anyone, they will usually keep the account. Sickening. That is why we are strictly big broom sweepers nowadays. Good luck.

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