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In an effort to encourage more contractors to get their naPSa membership, is now offering $50 off any listing in its Contractor Locator section to new naPSa members. This means your contract sweeping company can be listed in the high traffic Contractor Locator section of the website for as little as $9.95 for a year!

naPSa already has over 350 members around the U.S., and is making an impact on the way sweeping is viewed around the country. Members have access to a wide variety of info not available elsewhere, as well as to discounts from a number of industry vendors.

For your convenience, below are some of the sweeping organizations involved with naPSa, followed by an outline of some of the many membership benefits. After that, we have a graphic that shows what you get at each level of Contractor Locator membership.

For more information, or to sign up under this program, call toll free to 866-635-2205 or send us an email.

Companies Involved With naPSa Include:

Elgin Sweeper
SK Sweepers
Air Sweepers
ThreeB Brush
Donaldson Filtration Systems
Superior Tire
Sweeper Market
United Rotary Brush
World Sweeper

The North American Power Sweeping Association is a non-profit organization committed to distributing pertinent sweeping industry information and valuable resources to our members. They provide the street and parking area sweeping industry with an association that is making a difference. Now is the time to make naPSa a beneficial part of your business.

naPSa Benefits Include:

  • Health and Business Insurance Programs
  • One-on-One Contractor Mentoring Program
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Members-Only Online Information
  • naPSa Membership Logo may be Displayed on Marketing Materials
naPSa Discount Programs Include:
  • Up to 25% off on products from HeavyQuip
  • 20% off on parts from Schwarze
  • 20% off on parts from Elgin
  • Up to 50% off on Donaldson Filters
  • Up to 40% off Replacement Brooms with United Rotary Brush
  • Up to 15% off Payroll Processing with Paychex
* all programs may be subject to change without notice.

Not listed is the greatest membership benefit of all: Involvement in the one sweeping contractor membership organization in America dedicated to improving the perception and value of the sweeping industry. Plus, sign up now and you can take $50 off any Contractor Locator membership you see below!

Contractor Locator Memberships

For more information, or to sign up under this program, call toll free to 866-635-2205 or send us an email.