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Burning Screens Clean May Be Hazardous to Health

In a previous issue, we published a helpful hint describing how to use a propane torch to clean the screen on a sweeper. This information was also included in the helpful hints section of our website, and as a result we received the following email with a caution about this method of cleaning.

"In the past years I have used the 'burn-it off' method of screen cleaning, until I became aware of a hidden danger involved. While visiting my doctor to have a wart removed via laser surgery, the procedure smelled similar to the 'burn-it' method I had been using on my 'hair-blanket' hopper screens, and I commented as such.

"My doctor proceeded to warn me of the possible dangers involved, commenting that the fumes of burning flesh had been shown to cause doctors using laser surgery to contract lung cancer due to the off-gassing. He also told me that burning hair has the same carcinogen content that skin does, as they are both skin cells, and warned me of the dangers of continuing this method of screen burnout without modification...!

"He suggested performing this activity outdoors to dissipate the concentration (ppm) of these potentially deadly gasses, or to use a vacuum to collect or 'move' these gasses to an outside area.

"Thank you for providing your fantastic Internet site. I always look forward to peering in to find out what's new, and I plan on continuing to possibly bring some of my aquired insight in the 'biz' to others like myself in this ongoing circus so affectionately called the contract sweeping business."

If you have information or ideas to share on any aspect of the power sweeping industry, please let us know.

This article is reprinted from American Sweeper magazine, v5 n1.

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