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Gabe Vitale

Gabriel Vitale's Overview and Tips for Outside Salesperson Compensation

Here are some ideas for how to structure compensation when hiring an outside salesperson.

interview with Gabriel Vitale by Ranger Kidwell-Ross

Gabriel Vitale is president of New Jersey-based C and L Sweeping. He is also a past president of NAPSA and a former winner of's annual Award of Excellence in Sweeping.

This audio interview with him on the topic of outside salesperson compensation was conducted in July of 2007. When listening, keep in mind that Vitale's company provides virtually all types of pavement-related services in addition to sweeping. For that reason you will want to consider adjustments if you are only in the business of providing parking area and/or construction and/or street sweeping services.

Click here to listen to Vitale's professional overview that includes tips on structuring the compensation options for an employee who is selling sweeping and other pavement-related services. (MP3 file is approximately 8.5 minutes long.)

You may reach Vitale via email

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