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Uri Ben-Yashar's BMP Focus Groups Seminar for Sweeping Contractors

Uri Ben-Yashar

The following topic areas were covered by the focus groups at the NPE 2006 seminar organized by Uri Ben-Yashar, owner of East Coast Lot And Pavement Maintenance Company. To see the best practices information developed by a particular focus group, choose its title from the list shown below.

All stories were written by Ranger Kidwell-Ross

Screening of Parking Lot and Street Sweeper Debris
Topic area moderator and presenter for the topic was Kerry Armstrong, principal in Armstrong Sweeping, Inc.

Measuring, Assessing and Increasing Your Sweeping Company's Profitability
Topic area moderator was Dale McCaskill, principal in South Carolina-based South Company Sweeping & Maintenance. Gale Holsman, principal in American Sweeping, Inc. (and the Award of Excellence in Sweeping winner for 2006) was the presenter for the topic.

Selecting and Implementing a Global Positioning System
Topic area moderator was Mike Lucht, principal in Progressive Sweeping, Inc. Presenter was Scott Dare, principal of sweeping and maintenance company, Dare Living Associates, Inc..

Marketing Tips for Sweeping Contractors
Topic area moderator was Gerry Kesselring, principal in Ohio-based Contract Sweepers and Equipment, Inc. Presenter was Christy Schmidt, principal of Cincinnati-based Chamberlain Sweeping, Inc.

Preventing and Dealing With Noise Complaints While Power Sweeping
Focus Group moderated by Jim Dodson, Mid-State Industrial Service, Eugene, OR.

Better Equipping Sweeper Trucks
Topic area moderator was Karl Stauty, who heads up Commercial Power Sweeping, Inc. Presenter was Todd Wilson, principal of New England Power Sweeping Service.

Best Ways to Retain Employees
Topic area moderator was Gabe Vitale, who heads up C and L Sweepers, Inc. Presenter was Rodd Moore, manager of C and J Sweeping, Inc..

If you have any questions about any of the above ideas, feel free to contact the Team for a further explanation.

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