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Compact Schwarze A4000 Sweeper Gets Some Big Upgrades

Schwarze Logo (Huntsville, Alabama) May 21, 2010 - Schwarze Industries, one of the world's largest street sweeper manufacturers, today introduced the updated A4000 street sweeper.

The 2010 chassis-mounted, regenerative Schwarze model A4000 street sweeper boasts a new hopper design to increase capacity, as well as a new bolt-on hopper shroud and bolt-in suction tube. Also added is a water nozzle inside the suction intake for better dust control.

"The A4000 street sweeper has had many years of successful operation throughout the United States and around the globe," said Raymond Massey, Director of Sales and Marketing for Schwarze. "Our goal for 2010 is to continue to improve upon our design and provide our customers with the most advanced sweepers possible."

Schwarze A4000

One of the major changes to the A4000 includes a departure from electric-powered broom tilt adjusters to a hydraulic cylinder-actuated system. A new dual hydraulic cylinder rear dump door with in-cab controls has also been added. Additionally, Schwarze has redesigned the water system on the A4000 to the current field-proven electric pump that is utilized on other A-Series machines. A third toolbox option is available for the updated A4000 as well.

"We've listened to our customer base and made improvements based on their feedback," said Massey. "We've included features like extremely durable stainless steel inspection door latches and the new hydraulic gutter broom tilt feature."

The new A4000, along with all other 2010 models, comes standard with LED lighting, with the exception of the floodlights. While the floodlights are still incandescent, Schwarze is offering an LED option. The addition of LEDs lowers the overall electric draw and increases the life expectancy of the lights and alternator, leading to lower maintenance costs.

About Schwarze Industries:
Since its inception more than 30 years ago, Schwarze Industries, Inc. has grown to become one of the world's largest street sweeper manufacturers and a leader in sweeping technology. Headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, Schwarze has a workforce of more than 200 employees, manufacturing street sweepers, parking lot sweepers, and road repair units.

In 1996 Schwarze opened a manufacturing facility in Brisbane, Australia to meet the demand for products in other parts of the world. To date, Schwarze Industries' products operate in more than 35 countries.

For more information on the updated A4000 sweeper, visit or contact Raymond Massey at 800.879.7933.

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