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June 2, 2010

Stewart-Amos Sweeper Co. and Victory Sweepers, Inc. Announce Strategic Partnership

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Frank Chulick and Mark Schwarze, presidents of Stewart-Amos Sweeper Co. and Victory Sweepers, Inc., respectively, have entered into a strategic partnership agreement. Under the joint agreement, Victory Sweepers will produce regenerative air street sweepers that will be marketed by Stewart-Amos and its growing dealer network.

Stewart-Amos was founded in 1938 as a distributor of mineral processing and aggregate production equipment. In 2003, the company entered into street sweeper manufacturing. Today, Stewart-Amos' Starfire Series line includes five models of chassis-mounted, mechanical broom street sweepers.

Victory Sweepers, Inc. was founded in 2006 by Mark Schwarze, former president of Schwarze Industries, Inc. To date, Victory has produced an extensive line of chassis-mounted parking area sweepers, as well as a mechanical tow-behind sweeper.

Immediate production under the agreement will include 4-cubic yard and 6-cubic yard, chassis-mounted regenerative air sweepers that will be marketed as the Stewart-Amos Galaxy R-4 and Galaxy R-6. The Galaxy R-4 features a high-dumping debris hopper; the Galaxy R-6 is a low-dumping unit. In keeping with a key design philosophy, neither will require a CDL for operation. Initial chassis will be the 17,900# GVWR Izusu NQR and 19,500# GVWR Isuzu NRR.

"Mark Schwarze grew up in the sweeper manufacturing business and no one builds an air sweeper like he and his team," said Chulick. "The addition of a quality air sweeper line for the street market is exactly what Stewart-Amos needs to become a top-tier player in the U.S. and, ultimately, the export marketplace. This partnership is taking place between like-minded organizations and it will provide enormous strategic advantages and economies of scale for both of us. I am confident history will show it was a 'win-win' for everyone, especially consumers."

"Development of the R-4 and R-6 are a continuance of the plan Victory put into place in 2006," said Schwarze. "As with the first Victory products we introduced in 2006, customers will find that the performance and unique features of these two sweepers have once again raised the bar. The alliance with Stewart-Amos allows us to get the benefits of production volume without having to generate another dealer network in tough economic times.

"Frank Chulick and his chief engineer, Mark Stratton, have been innovators and perfectors in the chassis-mounted broom sweeper arena. Everybody I've talked to that have Stewart-Amos sweepers like their machines. The company is also strong on quality and customer support, exactly the type of organization we'd like to work with.

"This agreement brings the manufacturing volume to Victory that will keep our costs down for our parking area sweepers and allow us to more quickly expand our entire product line. Stewart-Amos gets a well-rounded sweeper line that will be very attractive to customers. I expect this to be the beginning of a long-term relationship with, ultimately, many air sweeper product offerings that will help grow Stewart-Amos' customer base, market strength and dealer network."

Under the agreement, Victory Sweepers, Inc. will also become the dealer for the combined product line in specific markets to be announced. Expect the Galaxy R-4 and Galaxy R-6 individual product launch information in coming days.

Both of these sweeper companies have been profiled on Click on the company names, below, to view the profile about each of them. For additional information on this agreement, the companies involved, or to schedule a demonstration, you may also reach the companies or view their websites using the contact information shown below.

Stewart-Amos Sweeper Co.
Victory Sweepers, Inc.
866-50sweep (507-9337)

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