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posted October 1, 2009

Parker West Wins Patent Infringement Case Against Clean Up America, Inc.

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Parker West International, LLC is pleased to announce that their patented technology for transportable pressure washing, steam cleaning, wastewater recovery and treatment systems has been successfully defended in recent litigation.

(Santa Rosa, California) --

On September 1, 2009, the United States District Court ruled that Clean Up America, Inc., based in Chesapeake, Virginia, as well as Clean Up America Franchise Development Corporation, based in Orlando, Florida, had infringed on Parker West International's patent by manufacturing, marketing, distributing and selling products known as the Swabby 48 and Swabby Mothership.

The Court ordered Clean Up America, Inc. and Clean Up America Franchise Development Corporation to pay treble damages and related attorney fees to Parker West International for their intentional patent infringement. Clean Up America Inc. and Clean Up America Franchise Development Corporation were also ordered to cease and desist their business activities pertaining to the Swabby 48 and Mother Ship, whether those business activities are undertaken directly by Clean Up America, Inc., Clean Up America Franchise Development Corporation, or by any person or entity participating with those companies.

Parker West International, LLC continues to be the sole and exclusive source, providing pressure washers, steam cleaners, vacuum recovery equipment used in combination with a transportable, environmentally-compliant, wastewater treatment systems utilizing chemical clay flocculants. The Parker West Systems automatically collect, clean, recycle and reuse wash water and wastewater, in one step, within minutes.

These unique systems have been designed for use by the mobile pressure washer and steam cleaner industries. They are ideal for anyone in the business of cleaning and removing spilled contaminants -- such as used motor oil, transmission fluids and hydraulic fluid -- from hard surfaces and high traffic areas, such as parking lots, fueling stations and shipyards. The machines are also ideal for preventing storm drain runoff contamination or illicit wastewater discharges to public owned wastewater sewer treatment facilities.

For more information, contact:
Cathleen Parker
Telephone: 707-579-1257
4520 Montecito Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

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