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NAPSA Announces Move to New Association Management Company

January 7, 2011


NAPSA's Board of Directors decided to move from its previous management company, Association Headquarters, and as of January 1st transferred management to Dayton, Ohio-based Advanced Management Concepts, Inc. In explaining the move, NAPSA Board members cited the relatively high cost of involved with Association Headquarter's, a factor that will be smaller under the new organization.

NAPSA released the following on this topic:

The NAPSA offices have moved, effective January 1, 2011. You may contact the new staff of the Association at:

136 South Keowee Street
Dayton, OH 45402
(888) 757-0130
Fax (937) 222-5794

Our thanks to the staff from Association Headquarters including Sarah Gazi and Kristy Baier for a terrific relationship during the past several years. Their support was nothing short of professional and helped NAPSA reach and exceed some of their goals and objectives while helping shape our vision and lead our direction.

We hope you will be as eager to meet and get to know your new staff from Advanced Management Concepts as your staff is to meet you. Kim Fantaci, Nancy Terry, Kelley Alexander and Krista Saul are eager to work with all NAPSA members and those in the industry as we continue the momentum! Please contact with any questions, concerns or comments.

NAPSA's website is located at If you have questions or comments about this article or information, please let us know.

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