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September, 2009

New German-Made Multifunction Machine Now Available

by Ranger Kidwell-Ross

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The multifunctional JUNGOJET 3500 is made by Hecker and Brian GmbH and Co.

Here's what the company's website says about the new multi-function machine, built in Germany, that is now available: "The JUNGOJET 3500 defines a new standard in its performance class and combines this with a multiplicity of application possibilities.

"The main goal of research and development is to reach permanently low operating cost and, at the same time, simple operating procedures for the machine. The adherence of the requirements on sidewalks of max. 3.5 tons weight is guaranteed with this machine. The hydrostatic 4-wheel-drive and the articulated steering ensure a outstanding agility."

The machine is touted as being able to be used as a:

  • sweeping machine with exhaust
  • multifunctional sweeping machine
  • wet cleaning machine
  • lawn mower
  • winter maintenance machine
  • irrigation/watering machine
  • salt spreader
  • park maintenance

For more information, you may download the company's PDF handout on the new multi-function machine.

The company may be reached via email, or by calling 0 72 62 - 924 18 12. The company's website is

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