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Global Sweeping Solutions Represents Python Manufacturing in North American Partnership

Global Sweeping Solutions now a dealer for Python sweepers

San Bernardino, CA & Regina, SK Canada – May 3, 2011

Global Sweeping Solutions and Python Logos

Python Manufacturing Inc. and Global Sweeping Solutions today announced an historic partnership to dramatically expand Python Manufacturing's presence in the North American road maintenance equipment market. Python lends its more than 40 years experience in engineering and manufacturing quality street sweeping and road maintenance equipment.

Python's comprehensive product line includes a full range of street sweeping solutions for municipal and contractor customers, including the industry's premier chassis mounted mechanical street sweepers (S2000, S2500, S3000 models), its innovative purpose-built mechanical sweeper (S4400), and the first and only purpose-built, hydrostatic driven, self-contained pothole patcher (Python 5000). To view Python's product line as a PDF file, click here.

Global Sweeping Solutions, based in San Bernardino, California, brings a combined 60 years experience in the street sweeper industry. The company's extensive product distribution network spans more than 45 dealers throughout the United States and Canada.

President Jason Condon says, "Python sweepers offer the perfect balance of high quality, low maintenance cost and user-friendly features that today's sweeper customers demand. Their innovative technology has been replicated throughout the industry and its pothole patcher promises to revolutionize the road maintenance field. We are excited to bring these products to a broader market in North America."

Python President Les Hulicsko says, "This is a terrific opportunity for Python. We have the high quality, cost-effective equipment that contractors and public works departments are looking for. Global has the industry knowledge, proven marketing experience, competitive dealer network and the ability to elevate our products to the forefront of the industry."

Condon and Hulicsko promise that the Global-Python name will be soon seen on streets and roads throughout North America.

For additional information contact:
For Python Manufacturing:
Marj Strandlund, Marketing and Communications Manager
Phone: 306-337-4440

For Global Sweeping Solutions:
Chad Bormann, principal
Phone: 909-887-7000

Python Manufacturing Inc.

Python Manufacturing Inc. is owned by Les Hulicsko, who has been designing and manufacturing innovative industrial and agricultural equipment for more than 40 years.

Hulicsko is recognized for his ability to marry unique innovations with simple designs, and build equipment that is economical, easy to operate and easy to maintain. He developed and introduced the first totally hydrostatically-driven street sweeper. His floating gutter brooms and hopper dumping system are just two of the sweeper features that have been widely adopted by the rest of the industry. The pothole patcher developed by Hulicsko and refined by the Python team is another industry-first which promises substantial savings for those charged with maintaining streets and highways.

Operations Manager, Robert Skinner, is in charge of engineering and operations. He has more than 25 years in the manufacturing industry, with the bulk of his experience focused on street sweeping and road maintenance equipment.

PythonÕs sister company, Rite Way Mfg. Co. Ltd., ( manufactures a line of field preparation equipment for the agricultural industry. Both companies are located in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Global Sweeping Solutions

Global Sweeping Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2011 by partners Chad Bormann, Jason Condon and Sebastian Mentelski as a full service Street Sweeper Parts Distribution company.

Along with Parts Manager Donald Barnes and Procurement Manager R.W. Smith, the Global Sweeping Solutions team offers over 75 years of industry experience. Global Sweeping Solutions offers OEM parts for all Allianz/Johnston Street Sweepers and are working diligently to secure high quality spare parts for all makes and models of street sweepers. Their headquarters in San Bernardino, California has over 20,000 square feet of warehousing space.

President Jason Condon has 15 years of municipal sales experience through the dealer network and manufacturing industry. His roles included direct customer sales, Operations Manager for Cyncon in Rochester, NY and Regional Sales Manager for Allianz Sweeper Company.

Vice President Chad Bormann has eight years of municipal sales experience in the positions of Regional Sales Management and National Sales Management. His experience includes: marketing, parts and equipment distribution, dealer selection, management and development.

Director of Operations Sebastian Mentelski has five years of municipal sales experience through the dealer network and manufacturing industry. Experience includes direct customer sales for Temco Machinery in Chicago, IL and two years as Midwest Regional Sales Manager for Allianz Sweeper Company.

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