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October 21, 2008

Elgin Sweeper Announces New Chassis Configuration for Eagle Sweeper

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New M2 Freightliner chassis optimized to reduce wheelbase and enhance maneuverability.

Elgin Sweeper, the leading manufacturer of street sweepers, has announced the availability of the Freightliner M2 chassis for the Eagle® four-wheeled broom sweeper. Featuring the exclusive No Jam conveyor, wide sweep path and trouble-free lift mechanism, the Eagle combines the proven Elgin sweep system, with variable high dump capabilities and highway transport speeds for maximum productivity in a variety of applications, including municipal and contractor sweeping to road construction and resurfacing work.

The M2 chassis is designed to provide enhanced maneuverability, visibility and an overall improved driver environment to the Eagle sweeper. "Our engineers re-packaged the standard toolbox and fuel tank to the side of the chassis to allow for an extremely compact package," said Brian Giles, sweeper products manager, Elgin Sweeper. "The entire Eagle sweeper is now no longer than a traditional cabover chassis sweeper, and the high angle steering axle on the M2 chassis allows for a short, 19-foot, two-inch turning radius."

Giles added that the Eagle's large side brooms have been moved forward to be directly in the operator's line of sight, allowing for easier operation and reduced operator fatigue.

The M2 chassis configuration comes standard with a Cummins ISB 6.7 turbocharged engine that delivers 200 horsepower. Due to its low exhaust emissions, the engine meets the strict California idle shut down exemption rules. According to Giles, the new chassis configuration is also available with an optional larger engine and drive train package for mountainous regions requiring greater power.

Parts and components for the Eagle sweeper are available from Elgin Sweeper dealers, while truck parts are available from Freightliner dealers throughout North America.

For additional information on the Eagle sweeper featuring the M2 chassis or to schedule a demonstration, please visit or see your local Elgin Sweeper dealer.

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