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December 22, 2009

Elgin Sweeper Introduces Crosswind NX Regenerative Sweeper

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Patented filtration system ideal for efficient removal of fine dust particles

Elgin Sweeper has introduced the Crosswind® NX® high-performance regenerative air sweeper for use in environmentally-sensitive sweeping. The new machine includes all the performance, maintenance and design features of the Crosswind sweeper, which has been popular with users worldwide for more than 20 years. Equipped with the patented NX filtration technology introduced on Guzzler industrial vacuum loaders by Federal Signal in 2002, the Crosswind NX is ideal for efficient capture and removal of fine dust particles.

"The Crosswind NX is fully verified to the latest Toronto Protocol and delivers ultra-low dust emissions and outstanding stormwater material removal," said Brian Giles, sweeper product manager at Elgin Sweeper. "This sweeper removes small particulate matter from roads and city streets without the release of potentially harmful fine dust into the atmosphere, resulting in cleaner streets, improved public health and improved air and stormwater quality."

The extra-wide, 12-foot sweep path on the Crosswind NX is suited for municipalities, contractors, airport applications and general maintenance sweeping in all weather conditions, all temperatures and in wet or dry environments.

Elgin Crosswind NX

Airflow and dust separation system

The Crosswind NX functions like a standard Crosswind for picking up debris, but unlike the standard Crosswind, a significant portion of the air flowing through the pickup head is diverted off and filtered to remove the dust. This dust is then pumped directly into the hopper, leaving a cleaner airflow to return to the pressure slot.

As the filter systems on competitive sweepers begin to plug, less air is filtered and more unfiltered air begins to circulate in the regenerative loop, potentially increasing fan wear," Giles said. "Utilizing a secondary filter fan and continuously automatic cleaning filters, the Crosswind NX exhausts nearly 20 percent of the total air flow, resulting in a powerful and constant negative pressure in the pickup head. It's like opening the vacuum enhancer or sweeping uneven surfaces without generating any fugitive dust."

NX technology

The NX technology from Federal Signal has consistently proven to outperform other filtration systems in mobile, pneumatic conveying applications, particularly in high-dust loading conditions. The system incorporates an array of vertically-oriented filter bags, which provide high efficiency filtration of 99.997 percent at 0.5 micron. Made with GE's BHA-TEX ePTFE membrane, the filter bags ensure the fewest cleaning cycles, reducing energy consumption and filter fatigue.

When the Crosswind NX is operating, the filtration system is always in a vacuum condition, which ensures that any potential leak point results in inward leakage rather than dust emission.

"Elgin Sweeper customers are looking for equipment to help them comply with tough environmental regulations," Giles said. "We're confident the Crosswind NX sweeper, with its innovative filtration technology, will help revolutionize the way municipalities manage their air and storm water pollution efforts."

For additional information on the Crosswind NX regenerative sweeper or to schedule a demonstration, please see your local Elgin Sweeper dealer or visit

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