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Bucher Municipal Introduces CityCat V20 and V20e Models to U.S. Market

by Ranger Kidwell-Ross
Mooresville, NC, August 2020

Bucher Municipal, formerly known in the U.S. as Johnston North America, has introduced its CityCat V20 (diesel) and V20e (electric), purpose-built sweeper models to the American marketplace.

Introducing V20e Image

The latest compact sweeper in Bucher Municipal's U.S. lineup is the CityCat V20. Bucher, the world's largest sweeping company, calls the V20 its "flagship sweeper in the 2 cubic yard class." The CityCat V20 weighs in at 4.8 tons as a gross weight and offers a 2.1 ton payload.

CityCatFrontView300 In addition to the more widely used two curb broom configuration, the CityCat V20 offers a third, front-mounted broom, which allows total sweeping width of 2700 mm (8.86 feet). The V20's dust suppression water capacity is 425 L (112 gallons).

Top speed for both the 83hp diesel low emission engine and the electric configuration, operated via a 63 kWh automotive Li-ion battery, is 31 mph. The diesel model offers an engine with the Euro 6d/Tier 4 Final designation. Both models are listed as PM-2.5-certified machines.

To make the machine highly maneuverable, it employs an articulated steering system that hinges between the cab and the hopper. In addition to increased maneuverability, with this system the suction intake always faces in the direction of travel, which provides a cleaner sweep without leaving unsightly dirt streaks behind. The rear of the sweeper follows the exact path of the front, letting the driver concentrate on the task ahead. The articulated steering, combined with a unique third front brush system, allows the sweeper to be very efficient in cleaning narrow passages as well as larger areas.

SmartCon250w The CityCat V20 offers an intuitive and ergonomic operation of the sweeper via Bucher's 'Smart-Con' multifunctional armrest paired with a Smart-Con 4.3-inch display. The sweeper can be operated by one hand while having pop-up feedback on the Smart-Con screen for all automotive- and sweeping-related information. The company's website says this makes work a lot easier while increasing safety and ergonimics due to always keeping the working area in sight.

CityCatV20Rear250 The hopper is made of weldable 1.4003 ferritic stainless steel, which offers an elevated yield strength and resistance to abrasion. It has much better corrosion resistance as compared to carbon steels, which enables lower maintenance costs and longer service life. The hopper may be operated from either outside the sweeper or from inside the cab. A wander hose is supplied, mounted onto the rear of the sweeper, in order to access and clean areas remote from the sweepers path.

The CityCat V20 chassis offers the operator wide visibility via the windows located all around the cab. Another nod to operator comfort is a custom-designed, single wheel suspension system that minimizes shock and vibrations.

To introduce the CityCat V20 models, Bucher Municipal has made a very cool AI video showcasing how the machines are made. Take a look by clicking below, which will open into a new browser window on the Bucher Municipal North America YouTube channel, where the company also offers a variety of other videos on the V20, as well as its many other models of equipment.


CityCatV20eCharging250 The CityCat V20e is an all-electric version that offers a very low operating noise level of 92 dB(A), which is under the sound level of a power lawn mower. This factor allows the electric version to be utilized around-the-clock.

The V20e is powered by a second-generation system that will operate for an eight-hour shift on a single charge and is equipped with a 22 kW on-board charger, which means that batteries can be recharged in just two to three hours at any public car-charging station. The 63 kWh system also offers recuperation levels, which allows the high-voltage battery to be charged during the deceleration thus further extending the sweeper's range.


Matt Starnes As part of our coverage of the CityCat V20's introduction to the U.S., we offer a 20-minute audio podcast with Matt Starnes, Bucher Municipal's Product Marketing Manager. Matt is also the host of the Sweepers and Tankers Podcast, which "deals with anything and everything in the street sweeping and sewer tanker world." The podcast may be found via your favorite podcast method or use this link to the podcast at TuneIn. You may reach Matt via email sent to or call him at (704) 658-1333, extension 113.

About Bucher Municipal

BucherMunicipalLogo200w Founded in 1904, Bucher Municipal is the global leader in providing municipal street sweepers to over 80 countries. Bucher Municipal sweepers come with cutting edge technology providing superior performance, ease of operations and the lowest cost of ownership. Bucher provides compact vacuum sweepers and truck-mounted regenerative air, vacuum and mechanical sweepers. The company's extensive dealer-partner network is fully equipped to support sales and service needs anywhere in North America. For more information about Bucher Municipal sweepers, visit the company's website at

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