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Once-in-a-Lifetime Deal on TYMCO 600s

Compare the cost and features of
these like-new 1988 sweepers to new
ones you'll buy today for up to $100,000 more!

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We have orders for all of these sweepers. To be put onto the cancellation list if for any reason an order(s) falls through, please contact us via email.

A U.S. sweeper manufacturer acquired thirteen 1988 TYMCO 600s. Of this total, you can tell by looking at the current graphic above how many of these are still available.

These completely refurbished machines will sell with a 1-year parts warranty for $35,900. Only $2,000 additional to add AC!

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Back/Side Animations These are all machines that were previously owned by the United States Marine Corps and were used mainly as runway sweepers. Although the year may make you wonder, you will find that these machines are pristine. Most units have under 3000 miles and less than 300 hours. (Yes, you read right, less than 3000 miles and 300 hours!)

All of the exhaust and intake ports on the sweepers have been sealed up, and special storage fluids have been installed. In addition, all hydraulic cylinders have been protected with a special tape that appears to have prevented any sign of pitting or rust on the rods. A couple of these trucks have less than 200 miles on them. While these machines last, they represent an incredible value.

The sweepers have mostly been parked awaiting their role as a replacement, or for an emergent need somewhere in the world. A few had Kuwaiti transportation documents under their seats. This probably means they've been flown around the world a few times even though they've only been driven a few hundred miles.

Here's what will be done to these Tymco 600s prior to sale:

• Most will have the sweeper bodies sand-blasted and the entire truck and sweeper repainted white. (None had any rust that even came close to rusting through the metal.) If you order before they're painted then your sweepers will be painted the color of your choice without an extra charge.

• All wheels will be bead-blasted and then painted black.

• Any damaged heads and brooms will be replaced with new ones and the others brought back to near original condition.

• Both engines, the transmission and the rear-end will be completely checked out and serviced and it will be confirmed that all are working properly.

Cab Photo

• All brakes work like new. The government-specified fluid for 1988 was silicone-based, which has helped to maintain the overall integrity of the braking system.

• All lighting will be replaced, from the headlights to the taillights.

• Tires will be 90% + or new. Guaranteed, there won't be any dry rot!

• All fans will be 90% or new.

• All will have new hoses, seals and flaps.

• All units have dual steering, dual brooms and a 4039 John Deere (naturally-aspirated) auxiliary engine.

• All units have had the front bumper replaced with an aftermarket chrome or black bumper.

• All sweepers are mounted onto a 1988 Navistar chassis with an AT 545 transmission and a 7.3-liter diesel.

There have been few substantive changes on the Tymco 600 model during this timeframe, and the Navistar's transmission and chassis were widely used and parts/service are readily available throughout the U.S.

Side Shot of Red Striped Tymco 600

The units will sell for $35,900, first come, first served, and all will carry a one-year, parts-only limited warranty on both the auxiliary engine and the complete drive train. In addition, if you have any hydraulic failures within the first 12 months the defective part will be replaced at no charge. These sweepers are very solid and offer extremely good value.

To get your questions answered, give us a call at either 866-635-2205 or 360-724-7355 (9am to 5pm, Pacific). You may also contact us via email.

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