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Power Sweeping Contractors'
Industry Ethics Requirement

by Ranger Kidwell-Ross,'s Editor

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When we began the Contractor Locator area of the website in late 2005, I was concerned there was no oversight on the contractors who signed up for the program. This concern increased over time, since the visitor traffic by people looking for a contractor in their local via use of that area of the site became substantial.

If you haven't been to the Contractor Locator, I suggest you go there now, prior to reading the rest of this article. Essentially, it is a place where contractors may pay a nominal charge, ranging from $100/year for a 'Bronze' listing to $250/year for a 'Gold' listing. The higher dollar listings offer email and website clickthrough, banner ads, etc.

As traffic has increased at that area of the website, contractors have found it very beneficial to be listed. Because of the substantial Google and Yahoo advertising campaign we run there has been quite an upsurge, over time, in people who use our Contractor Locator to find a sweeping contractor local to their area.

Therein lies the rub. We don't really want to promote sweeping companies that we know absolutely nothing about. When someone chooses a contractor from the website, which is dedicated to increasing the professionalism of the sweeping industry, we think it's important for them to be confident that any contractor they find there is abiding by at least a minimum level of industry ethics.

For that reason we developed our Ethics Program, which was begun in late 2007. Prior to allowing them to register on our site, we now require that a principal of the sweeping company confirm in writing that it conducts business in an ethical manner.

We see our Ethics Statement as a way to help assure those who come to the site in search of a contractor will, chances are, end up with an ethical company that, chances also are, will do a good job for them.

As another advantage to this program is that when a sweeping company confirms its compliance with the Ethics Statement they will be authorized to display the logo shown above on their website, as well as place a similar logo on their brochures and other printed material. They will also receive the rights to use this PDF handout, which they may distribute to prospects and clients.

We welcome any comments you have on this program. The easiest way is for you to do so is to send us an email to let us know your thoughts on this matter.

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