Help with a Whirlwind L

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Help with a Whirlwind L

Post by comsweep » Wed Aug 27, 2008 1:25 pm

We have a 1997 Whirlwind. I am looking for any information on it including tips and tricks. The center broom is getting worn out in about 100 hours. The passenger side head is bad. We went to the local dealer twice at $500.00 each time for instruction on this unit. Each time they were more interested in selling us a new one. Also when we asked them about adjusting the center broom, they said that they will adjust it or replace it for close to $100.00 hour. Talk about a screwing. I want to run this machine more often but the center broom is over $300.00. I cant afford to replace that once a month when I can run my Schwarze for the same amount of money per year on brooms and rubber. Also we do alot of road work, following grinders and pavment prep cleaning. I was wondering if this truck would be good for that. Please any information or advice is welcome.

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