Looking to ship a Pelican series P Sweeper?

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Looking to ship a Pelican series P Sweeper?

Post by tim-renee » Wed Feb 22, 2006 2:16 pm

I have recently purchased two pelican series sweepers at our local city auction and resold one of them on ebay. The purchaser is looking for a reasonable way to ship this item from Ohio to Wyoming Any help would be great.

Thank you in advance,

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Getting a Pelican from Ohio to Wyoming

Post by SweptAway » Fri Feb 24, 2006 4:40 pm

I'd fill a huge cooler with ham and cheese sandwiches and Mountain Dew and tell the guy to plan a couple of weeks vacation... And the Grateful Dead thought they knew about long, strange trips! (Actually, if you can talk the purchaser into this, have him contact Ranger before he does this. It'd definitely make for an interesting article at WorldSweeper.com!)

Actually, you might want to contact your local Elgin dealer, Jack Doheny Supplies. They've been around a while and regularly ship new sweepers from the Illinois manufacturing plant to your area, and they also ship them out to locations specified by the purchasers. (Not everyone has their own truck and trailer set up...) They might be able to hook you up with a trucking company or trucker that they have used successfully in the past.

The contact info for your Elgin dealer in Ohio is:

Jack Doheny Supplies Ohio
1860 Summit Commerce Park
Twinsburg, OH 44087
Phone: (330) 963-7766
Fax: (330) 963-7793

Good luck, and sorry about the cooler crack...

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